Thursday, 30 August 2012

Lean Times

As is usual this time of year, there's precious little going on!

The crop on the farm has been cut and harvested over the past week, dispersing my gang of hares (note to self: must find out collective noun of hares!) and the fields are being ploughed ready for the next crop.

I've been out several times sans camera looking for potential victims but yielding nothing. The barn owls have...well, disappeared. I've not seen one on the farm for over a month now and I'm guessing that because the tussocky ground that they hunt over is too overgrown now and they're hunting elsewhere.

The water vole site is choked with reeds at the moment - I can barely see water let alone any voles!

The kingfisher, after only having two test sessions with it, has clearly moved on. Or died. They do that you know! Selfish sod!

The young hare that's been feeding in the field opposite the house hasn't been seen for a while. Ever since some sheep were put into it in fact! The big wuss!

I've been checking out the area where I'd seen little owls previously but have yet to been rewarded. Mind you, as you can see from this shot taken a couple of years ago, they're bloody good at hiding!

700mm f7.1 1/320 Full frame

So all in all...things sure have changed here on Walton Mountain! Roll on autumn!!!


About an hour after writing the above I glanced out of the living room window and there, sitting on the drive a few feet away, was my young hare friend! I took a grab shot through the window...

Next to him is the dry area of the log store and he sauntered into there to either a) shelter from the rain or b) just have a nose around! Whatever his reasons it was an unexpected treat for me on a very drab day!

The missus has asked if we should set up a hutch with a bit of straw in outside!

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  1. I was reading up on Kingfishers the mortality rate is very high indeed , the oldest Kingfisher recordered in this country is seven years old.

    Got to laugh at that bottom image, he may be young , but I think he is messing with your mind :0)